»... birthday flowers every year ...!«

Every year, we send birthday cards and a bouquet of flowers to 30 Jewish survivors in Israel.

» … a warm meal every day …«

In Chisinau, the capital of the poorest European country, we have financed a soup kitchen from donations since 2005. Here, an average of 50 Holocaust survivors living in the poorest conditions is served a warm meal consisting of three courses every day.

Often, they also take food home. 12 nurses provide qualified home care for 13 old Jews who are in need of care.

» … a surprise package every year …!«

Each November, 150 food packages packed by pupils are sent to the survivors of the Shoa in Latvia/Estonia and Lithuania for Hanukkah (Jewish festival of lights at the end of the year), supported by the Hamburg aid organisations Johanniter and Malteser. With great commitment, the children take care of purchase, packaging and transport of the packages to the aid organisations in Hamburg.

» … a sac of TEFF every month …!«

Our responsibility towards Israel and the Jewish people extends as far as to Ethiopia. From 1999 until today, we have supported altogether 200 Jewish families (approx. 1000 persons) until their Aliya by means of our grain project. Many families are still waiting for their departure to Israel and have to live in pitiful conditions. Without our support, they would hardly have a chance to survive.